Mobile API and Drupal Multisite Bootstrap Issues

At work I have been working on making my first mobile app with Appcelerator which is a Javascript based tool that ports to Android, IOS, etc… For the most part everything has been good. There are a lack of good tutorials out their, however, there are some sample projects out there so as long as

How to Become a Web Developer

So I have been asked by many people over the years how they can get into web development. I always tell them there is a very low barrier for entry, there are open source tools and software for everything. You can literally become a master web developer without every spending a dime. The other day

PHP Random Number Generator with Normal Distribution / Bell Curve

So for a project we needed some random test data but we wanted the data to be on a bell curve to represent real life scenarios. I couldn’t find anything so after so digging I found some code in Java and translated it into php seems to work great. function purebell($min,$max,$std_deviation) {     $rand1 = (float)rand()/(float)getrandmax();

BraintreeAPI Version 1.2

Thanks to a comment from Todd, I realized the API for Braintree has been updated since I last published this extension. Due to the release of PHP 5.5 some of the functions used in Braintree’s API code have been deprecated and were causing warnings. I have updated the Yii extension and also updated the repo.

BraintreeApi Version 1.1

I have updated the repo and the extension on Yii with version 1.1. Here are some of the updates in the newest version: Created a new model BraintreeCCForm that extends CFormModel for managing form input Added default types for widget. Reduced required inputs for widget $this->values can be pulled from $this->model $this->form_id can be pulled

EbooMVC – a PHP lightweight framework

To help myself understand more of how the MVC architecture works I decided to create my own. I am most familiar with the Yii framework so some parts of it may seem similar. You can view the repo at:

Braintree Payment Gateway Yii Extension

My first extension I submitted to Yii’s Extension library. You can see the extension here: I also have the code in a repo if anyone you are interested: Feel free to leave comments here and I’ll try to help fix any bugs you may encounter.